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Chaleur Green Trails

Chaleur Greenway Trails is a non-profit organization aiming to build and maintain "greenway" trails and infrastructures in the Chaleur region. It also promotes their usage by the residents and tourists.

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We want to give Chaleur residents and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical activity while enjoying the wonderful scenery nature has to offer.

Clean environment and sustainable economy

This project is environment friendly by providing an alternative method of transportation. It also contributes to a healthy sustainable economy by attracting families and tourists.


The Chaleur region has many trails that can be used for active transportation. Choose wellness by walking or biking to work. Disconnect from modern technologies a few times per week with a stroll in a wooden trail or by paddling in calm waters.


Chaleur Greenway Trails is a non-profit organisation aiming to build and maintain greenway trails for biking and pedestrians in the Chaleur region.